Autotech designs and manufactures remote control and other automation products. In particular, it develops and manufactures wireless remote control systems, telematics systems, vehicle fleet management, intelligent lighting systems, automation for garage doors, automation for household and industrial rolling shutters, sensors etc. 

Since its foundation in 1984, Autotech has been making an ever-ascendant course in the development and production of high-tech industrial and domestic automation. 

Autotech is the top in the rank company to sell remote control systems in Greece with products and applications that are distinguished for their quality and reliability. Its products have been established as a market leader, both operationally and qualitatively, and are systematically exported to more than 20 countries: Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania) Israel, Egypt, China and elsewhere. 

Autotech premises provide excellent infrastructure in which a tireless R & D department operates, as well as an integrated vertical production line that is served by well trained and experienced staff. High expertise combined with high technology equipment and instruments contribute to the continuous development of new products and applications as well as to the ongoing development of existing products. 

Through continuous research into new technologies, driven by market demands and trends, it designs modern, reliable, products tailored to the needs of its customers.

Autotech products are of Greek design and construction, certified according to European specifications. Qualitative and functional control of the products takes place on each product separately and not on a sampling basis.

Autotech guarantees the high quality and reliability of its products.

1984: Establishment of Autotech company in Egaleo, Athens, which develops and manufactures energy saving instruments for heating systems as well and produces various automation systems.

1986: Development of automation systems for tobacco processing plants.

1987: Autotech exports the systems produced to Italy.

1990: Development of control systems for air conditioning machines.

1991: Exports of Autotech products to the USA and other countries.

1998: Development and production of remote control systems.

2000: Autotech moves to larger facilities and produces SMD technology products with pick and place equipment.

2003: Development of Telematics Products (IRIDA) for remote device management over mobile phone networks.

2005: Development of the Easy Fleet© fleet management system and Vehicle trackers (VLUs).

2007: Autotech moves to new privately owned facilities in Peristeri, Athens, increasing production capacity and employing more engineers for the R & D department. Autotech gets ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

2008: Investing in robotic pick and place technology to produce 20,000 components per hour. Design and manufacture of LED lighting products.

2009: A large proportion of production is constantly being exported to many countries around the world. Design and implementation of a wearable heart monitoring system and other wearables.

2012: Participation in an international exhibition in Germany and exhibiting the range of Autotech products to the European market.

2014: Autotech gets ISO 14001: 2000 certification.

2017: The company moves to larger owned facilities in Peristeri, Athens and invests in more specialized staff and advanced design and production equipment.

2018: Design and production of IoT (Internet of Things).

Autotech at organizational and operational level consists of the following departments:


– Economics and Finance Department
– Marketing and Sales Department
– Personnel Department
– Production Department
– Research and Development Department
– Technical Support Department

Autotech is staffed by highly trained staff consisting of engineers and technicians of all specialties with excellent knowledge background and many years of work experience.

The staff’s qualifications satisfy fully the range of requirements of the company’s activities.

Autotech is housed in privately-owned 1,000-square-meter facilities based in Peristeri. The facilities are located in the municipality of Peristeri (near the road to Kifissos road).

It has a vertical automated production unit with state-of-the-art equipment, which covers all the needs for the development of new products with state-of-the-art technology. Autotech’s infrastructure ensures product quality at every stage of production.

In addition, Autotech provides all facilities including access and service for disabled people.

Autotech is certified by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 by the accredited certification body TUV Austria, demonstrating its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as to continuing corporate development.

Autotech is collaborating with educational institutions, research and other state organizations, by conducting studies and research on the exploitation and application of new technologies in various sectors of society and human activity such as Health, Defense, Transport, Environment, Sport etc. Important collaborations with the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, University of Xanthi, Ministry of National Defense etc. are some to note.

Autotech’s employees participate in education and training programs in state-of-the-art technologies, innovative materials and accessories on a regular basis. Autotech also organizes in-house training programs for its staff as well as its technicians and collaborators on the new products and applications it develops.

Autotech is systematically employing senior student engineers to carry out their internship.

Autotech applies quality control and functionality tests to each and every product in the production line, not just on sampling basis as the competitors’ common practice. It operates in full environmental consciousness by applying environmental protection standards, as well as a policy of absolute satisfaction and customer support.

It works with unleaded soldering technology, energy-efficient infrastructure, energy-saving automation overall.